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Welcome to the Italian Corte dei conti

This area provides a short presentation of the Italian Supreme Audit Institution with a synthesis of its organization, functions and activities in the field of international relations.



INTOSAI Supervisory Committee on Emerging Issues – SCEI - July 24, 2020 - Webinar “Remote Auditing: Technological Challenges and Solutions” - September 17, 2020 - Webinar “Openness of SAIs and Ensuring Inclusiveness in Emergency Conditions”

The Corte dei conti keeps up in participating in INTOSAI Committee on Emerging Issues (SCEI) webinars in connection with the INTOSAI Policy, Finance, and Administration Committee (PFAC) initiative on Covid-19.
The second webinar was held on July 24 with the participation of more than 150 experts from over 50 countries and focused on “Remote auditing challenges and technological solutions.”
The participants made valuable contribution by sharing their individual experience and solutions with the community. The main topics of interest have been the challenges of ensuring transparency and accountability in the worsening conditions, and the importance of external audit regarding control over emergency government expenditures.
Moreover, the participants focused on the most popular solutions to cope with the emergency such as cloud-based infrastructure, flexible working policy, relevant equipment, broadband connectivity and well-established network architecture.
The investment in “remote working” with the full use of technologies was stated by all sides.
The third webinar was held on September 17 and focused on “Openness of SAIs and Ensuring Inclusiveness in Emergency Conditions.”
Participants discussed on SAI’s transparency in relation to the COVID-19 activities, demonstration of SAI’s value and benefits in dealing with the recent crisis, ensuring openness of national governments, ways of communication with public and stakeholders’ engagement in emergency situation, and how SAIs can contribute to emergency response based on “leaving no one behind” principles.
The Corte dei conti was represented by Ms. Erika Guerri, judge at the International Affairs Office, and Mr. Benedetto Brancoli Busdraghi, judge at the Jurisdictional Chamber for Liguria.

September 9-11, 2020 - IX EUROSAI-OLACEFS online Joint Conference of European and Latin American Supreme Audit Institutions hosted by the State Audit Office of Hungary

The Corte dei conti attended the IX EUROSAI-OLACEFS online Joint Conference of European and Latin American Supreme Audit Institutions hosted by the State Audit Office of Hungary from 9 to 11 September.
The event was on “The COVID 19 Pandemic: a Unique Opportunity for Supreme Audit Institutions to Highlight the Impact of Their Work”. The conference was a three-day event and focused on increasing efficiency and impact of the work of SAIs, as well as challenges and opportunities posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the activities of Supreme Audit Institutions.
During the first day’s Plenary Session, presentations were delivered by the President of SAI of Chile on “OLACEFS Region's perspective and measures on the COVID-19 global pandemic” and by the representative of SAI of UK on “Activities of the EUROSAI Auditing the COVID-19 Global Pandemic Project Group”. Furthermore, the Hungarian expert guests invited to the Joint Conference by the SAI of Hungary shared their ideas on the areas of "Increasing the impact and efficiency of public sector" and " Change management in the time of COVID-19."
During the 2nd day of the Conference, panel discussions were held at presidential level on “Enhancing Measurement Methodologies”, “Public prosecution/Anticorruption – Means of prevention and tackling,” “The Role of Supreme Audit Institutions in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda” and “Media and Technology – where SAIs, digitalization and 3rd parties meet.”
On the second and third days of the Conference, parallel workshops were held in different areas, and workshop results and outputs of the discussions were shared with all participants in a plenary session by moderators.
The Italian presentation “Jurisdictional SAIs Tomorrow: A New Frontier in the Fight Against Corruption? The Italian Case” pointed out the fundamental role of the Corte dei conti in deterring and fighting corruption, hence acting both from an ex ante, through preventive and pre-emptive actions, and an ex post perspective, insisting on every level of the bureaucratic machine (from central government to Regions and local authorities), thanks to the multifaced functions of its audit chambers and its public prosecutors and the judgments of its jurisdictional Chambers. The presentation pointed out that the Corte dei conti exerts a diachronic and continuous control over unlawful practices and in the fight and prevention of corruption.
The Corte dei conti was represented by Mr. Mauro Orefice, Chief of the Cabinet of the President, by Ms. Erika Guerri, Judge of the International Affairs Office and by the Judge of the Jurisdictional Chamber for the Emilia-Romagna, Mr. Andrea Giordano.

July 29, 2020 - INTOSAI WGFMRR Virtual Annual Meeting/August 3, 2020 - Call on the GAO macroprudential policy evaluation framework

On the 29th of July a representative of the Corte dei conti took part in the annual Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on Financial Modernization and Regulatory Reform, hosted (in video-conference mode) by the GAO. After a round of short presentations, made by each member of the group, concerning COVID-19 related audit activity fielded by the various institutions, the proceedings focused on the group workplan for the incoming year. During the discussion, challenging issues have been raised with regard to the impacts of COVID on financial markets. As regards future matters of interest, the group will also concern itself with themes such as sustainability and finance and cryptocurrencies.
Moreover, on the 3rd August, the Corte dei conti, was among the SAIs invited by GAO to participate – via call conference - in a peer review of the draft guidelines on the Audit of Macroprudential Policy Authority, which the American control body will issue in the near future. For the Corte, Ms. Erika Guerri (Judge of the 2nd Chamber of Appeal and Deputy to the International Relations Office) and Mr. Giulio Stolfi (Assistant Prosecutor General) took part in the engaging and mutually enriching discussion.