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Welcome to the Italian Corte dei conti

This area provides a short presentation of the Italian Supreme Audit Institution with a synthesis of its organization, functions and activities in the field of international relations.



The first meeting of the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) under the chairmanship of India (which holds the G20 presidency) and the co-chairmanship of Italy took place in Gurugram, India from 1st to 3rd March.
The meeting was attended by a delegation, led by Professor Paola Severino and formed by representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation, the Ministry of the Interior, the National Anti-Corruption Authority and from the Corte dei conti, represented by the President of Chamber Mr. Mauro Orefice and the Counsellor Ms. Elena Tomassini.
The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen international cooperation in preventing and fighting against corruption with a view to consolidating the role of the Supreme Audit Institutions in transparency and integrity processes in the public sector.
During the meeting relevant topics were examined, in order to create common rules for preventing and fighting corruption.
The Corte dei conti’ contribution focused on the current audit framework explaining the instruments to modernise audit techniques.
A bilateral meeting between the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and the head of delegation of the Corte dei conti, Mr Mauro Orefice, took place to strengthen the cooperation between the two Institutions.
The participants will meet again in India at the end of May to continue the examination of the anti-corruption principles.


Prague, 21st-22nd February – Visit of the President Mr. Guido Carlino to the Czech Republic’s Supreme Audit Institution

The President of Corte dei conti, Mr. Guido Carlino, was welcomed in Prague by the President of the Czech Republic’s Supreme Audit Institution and EUROSAI, Mr. Miloslav Kala from the 21st to 22nd February.
In a two-day meeting they shared information and experiences on respective institutional functions aimed at ensuring the sound management of public funds independently assessing the efficient, economic and effective use of public resources. They also explored in depth themes relative to strengthening of the bilateral cooperation and they developed goals for a wider interaction of Corte dei conti in the field of EUROSAI’s strategic activities.
The President Guido Carlino was accompanied by Mr. Mauro Orefice, President of the Chamber for the performance audit on the management of the State administration and Head of the International Affairs Office.


Rome 19 – 20 January 2023 - Meeting of the Working Group on Prevention and Fight against Fraud and Irregularities

On January 19 and 20, the Corte dei conti hosted the second meeting of the Working Group on Prevention and Fight against Fraud and Irregularities in the context of the Contact Committee of the Presidents of the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of the European Union.
The Working group, established in 2015, is chaired by the Italian Supreme Audit Institution in order to enhance cooperation among SAIs in the field of fraud towards EU revenues.
The President of the Corte dei conti, Mr. Guido Carlino, opened the working sessions and pointed out the importance of a proactive and coordinated approach by all relevant European institutions and Member Countries’ authorities.
Participants have respectively explained their national experiences and it was highlighted that although SAIs have different mandates and accordingly different functions, their role is fundamental in the fight against fraud and irregularities.
By underlining that the recent EU regulation imposes a structural change which, in turns, calls for a qualitatively different involvement from SAIs, Mr. Mauro Orefice, as Chair of the working group, launched a new activity to share ideas and experiences in this regard and invited the group members to a next meeting to discuss on updated methodology and control also considering the implementation of national recovery and resilience plans.
The meeting was attended by the Supreme Audit Institutions Working Group members.
A fundamental contribution to the meeting was given by the Prosecutor General of Corte dei conti, Mr. Angelo Canale, the Prosecutor General of the Italian Supreme Court, Mr. Luigi Salvato, the General Attorney at the Italian Supreme Court, Mr. Pasquale Fimiani, the Deputy Chief European Prosecutor at the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. Danilo Ceccarelli, the Head of Unit at European Anti-fraud Office, Mr. Francesco Albore and the Brigadier General, Commander of the Special Unit for public Expenditure and EU Repression at Guardia di finanza, Mr. Danilo Petrucelli. Moreover, the meeting was activley attended by the President of the Audit Chamber for EU and Interational Affaries at Corte dei conti, Mr. Giovanni Coppola, the Regional Prosecutors at Sardinia and Marche’s Prosecutor Office at Corte dei conti, Mr. Bruno Tridico and Ms. Alessandra Pomponio and the Assistant Prosecutor General at the Regional Prosecutor Office of Basilicata and Member of the Audit Chamber for EU and Interational Affaries, Mr. Giulio Stolfi.