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10th Joint Strike Fighter Audit Institution Conference - September 22 – 24, 2014

From 22 to 24 September 2014 the Corte dei conti hosted the 10th Joint Strike Fighter Supreme Audit Institution Conference.

The Conference is annually held at the Supreme Audit Institutions of the Countries taking part to the program for the production of a newly developed jet, equipped with stealth technology.

The participating SAIs (in addition to the Corte dei conti, the SAIs of the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Norway and Turkey) presented their analysis concerning the program, taking into account its complexity and its economic repercussions.

The Corte dei conti underlined the need not to restrict the attention only to the financial profiles, but also to evaluate the issues raised at the operational level and the adopted solutions with regard to their consequences in terms of increasing costs.

The participants shared the awareness that the Supreme Audit Institutions analysis should take into account all the economic factors at stake, that invest both industries, that have received orders from the top contractors, and the supporting industries.

The activity that is taking place at the FACO (Final Assembly and Check Out) located at the military airport of Cameri, currently engaged in the assembly but in perspective oriented to the maintenance of the fleet, and the wide range of industrial opportunities, some already under contract and with a significant forecast of acquisitions during the whole course of the program, are important factors.

The economic impact is also expressed in terms of employment, within an overall framework that is obviously related to choices regarding the continuation and the dimension of the national involvement in the program.

The participating SAIs, gave rise to a large debate, and their interest has broadened till the sector institutional reforms and other major weapons programs as well. For the Italian part, it was analyzed in depth the NH90 helicopters Program (NATO Helicopter for the 1990s).

The Conference allowed to design an operational framework particularly challenging for the cooperation among the SAIs, with the prospect of national audits which, for the added value of the international comparison, will enable us to draw further analysis to propose to the Parliament and to the community.